"Reclaiming the Power of Language"


It has been brought to my attention more than once that this website is not easy to browse. I maintain that it is simply unusual, charmingly and confusingly old fashioned.

In response to a world that heavily relies on images to convey messages, employs words, and it does for a reason. Such is its peculiarity.

This choice comes at a price, though, that I am more than willing to share with you, readers: I am shouldering the burden of conceiving and developing the content, you, in return, are taking the time to enjoy it in its entirety, without giving up immediately. In order to enjoy it you shall need to stay focused, to follow links that may be two or even three clicks away, to go back, to read thoroughly, sometimes between the lines. 

It should be made clear that my stance on illustration is not a negative one altogether. Beauty is fundamental and I strenuously defend the effort of anyone working to please the eye. Furthermore, the advantages of a picture-based communication are innumerable: immediacy, effectiveness, functionality, just to name a few.  However, said communication seems to be sadly resulting in an increasingly low attention span, a tendency to oversimplification, a growing inability to express complex concepts.

This website is not perfect, it most certainly contains mistakes and contradictions but it is my humble contribution to the prevention of utter brain atrophy. I am, by means of this page, reclaiming the power of language.

Let words be our tool and images our good companion.






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